The Department of Physics is the only tertiary-education institution in Cyprus offering Bachelors (B.Sc.), Masters (M.Sc.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees in Physics. Its mission is to prepare future educators and researchers in Physics, to promote research in areas of fundamental and applied Physics, and to assist, to the extent possible, in the technological upgrading and economic development of Cyprus.


Despite its small size, the Department is very active in a broad spectrum of theoretical and experimental research problems in particle and nuclear physics, cosmology, condensed matter physics, molecular physics and biophysics. The conducted research is reinforced via a strong network of collaborations with major international universities and research centres.

The Department prepares well-rounded future graduates through the offer of a solid and diverse undergraduate and graduate course curriculum, the exposure of students to new developments in fundamental and applied Physics, and their engagement in a wide range of undergraduate and graduate Theses. Furthermore, the Department is actively involved in the improvement of Physics Secondary Education in Cyprus, via a separate M.Sc. program, that targets current or prospective teachers in Secondary Education. The Department also promotes a broader understanding of Physics through colloquia and activities addressed to the general public.