PHY 216 - Physics Laboratory III


Introductory experiment: understanding the use of an oscilloscope for visualizing and analysis signals
1. Wave oscillations in strings / Standing waves in springs
2. Propagation and Doppler effect of ultrasound waves in air
3. Thin lenses laws-Geometrical Optics
4. Measurement of the speed of light
5. Fraunhofer diffraction
6. Prism and Diffraction spectrometers
7. Thin film interference
8. Michelsοn Interferometer
9. Polarization of light - Malus law
10. Polarization by reflection – Fresnel laws. 


1. Lab report grading:
▪ Lab report submission by each student group one week after the completion of the experiment
▪ Graded reports are returned to students one week after their submission to instructor
▪ The grade average of the reports of all the lab exercises (one per lab group) contributes (40%) to the final grade of the course (total of 10-11 graded lab reports)

2. Final Exam
▪ Students carry out an experimental exercise that is relevant to the experiments performed during the semester. The exercise is randomly chosen from a pool of 11-12 labs).
▪ They submit a written report containing the experimental data, analysis and answers to questions relevant with the experiment.
▪ The final exam counts 60% towards the final grade.

Course Description


Lab notes supplied by the instructor that contain: Theoretical introduction, experimental setup, experimental procedure and data analysis, questions relevant to the experiment.

”University physics with modern physics (volume Α’): Mechanics, Waves Μηχανική, κύματα”, H.D. Young and R.A. Freedman, Greek Edition, Εκδόσεις Παπαζήση

”Fundamental University Physics, Volume II, Field and Waνes”. Alonso and E.J. Finn, (Greek translation)

“Optics” E. Hecht, McGraw-Hill (Greek translation Ι.Ε. Σπυριδέλλης, ΕΣΠΙ, Athens)