PHY 322 - Advanced Physics Laboratory II


Kyriakos Georgiou


1.1 Gauss and Poisson Distributions
1.2 Least Squares Method
1.3 Interaction of Charged Particles with Matter
1.4 Basic Nuclear Electronics
2.1 Measurement of the Specific Charge of the Electron
2.2 Observation of the Zeeman Effect
2.3 Electron Spin Resonance
2.4 The Compton Effect
2.5 X-Ray Fluorescence and Moseley´s Law
2.6 Rutherford Scattering
2.7 Spectroscopy of α-Particles
2.8 Spectroscopy of β-Particles
2.9 Spectroscopy of γ-Rays
2.10 The Geiger-Müller Counter 

Course Description


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