Postgraduate Programs


Training of graduate students (at Master and Ph.D. level) is central to the objectives and activities of the Department. Graduate programmes aim at: (i) developing further the academic skills acquired at undergraduate level; (ii) exposing students to state-of-the-art developments in fundamental and applied Physics through the offered courses, but also through the maintenance of a strong collaboration network with major international research centers and universities, and the active participation of students in conferences, summer schools and workshops; (iii) providing deep knowledge and research skills in a specific area (especially at Ph.D. level). Attention is also paid in the development of broader skills, ranging from ethics to entrepreneurship, and from respect of intellectual property to dissemination of results to the public. The ultimate goal is to prepare highly skilled educators and researchers, who will perform effectively at both national and international level, will contribute directly to the technological and financial development of Cyprus, and will promote the education of the public in science.

The mission of the Department’s graduate training is implemented via three graduate programmes. (i) Two graduate programmes in Physics, which are oriented toward the active research areas of the Department and lead to a Master (M.Sc.) and a Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree. (ii) A graduate programme in “Principles of Physics”, which is not research oriented, but is mainly targeted at high-school physics educators, and aims at improving the quality of physics taught at the level of Secondary Education. Successful completion of this programme, which operates since the Fall semester of 2007, leads to the award of a Master (M.Sc.) degree.

Coordinator of Graduate StudiesGregorios Itskos